Girl Hangs

Every year we go to New Orleans in January to celebrate my birthday. It's the perfect time of year because we get a little bit of Mardi Gras festivities which means KING CAKE (!!!) and depending on when Fat Tuesday falls we might be able to catch a couple of parades! 

The last two years some of my best girlfriends have made the trip and it's always so much fun to get out of town and get some great girl hang out time. I'm so incredibly lucky to have a group of strong, talented women in my life. Love these ladies so much! And am a better person because of liver on the other hand might not agree :) 

This year, I brought a bag full of jewelry and my beautiful friends agreed to a little mini photo shoot. I'll be uploading as they come in so keep an eye on my blog, IG, FB, just stalk me in whatever way works best for you!

xo - Treasure